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Phu Hai JSC - M&E Contractor Company in Ha Noi, Vietnam

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Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC is one of the M&E contractors (Mechanical and Electrical contractors) specialized in designing and constructing the leading M&E systems in Vietnam. The Company’s vision is to be a mechanical and electrical contractor that has the best services and expertise in Vietnam. Therefore, we always optimize our services to provide the highest benefits to our valued customers.

Systems and services provided by Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC - M&E contractor

Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC, a M&E company in Ha Noi, is currently providing the following systems and services:

  • To consult designs, supply and installation of mechanical systems such as HVAC system, fire fighting system, cooling tower system, water chiller system, water supply and drainage system, compressed air system.
  • To consult designs, supply and installation of electrical systems such as electrodynamics, lighting systems and generator.
  • To install and dismantle processing production lines, manufacturing equipment and goods racks.
  • To import and distribute equipment and tools for mechanical and electrical construction and industry.

Nhà Thầu Cơ Điện Lạnh Phú Hải chuyên thiết kế, thi công hệ thống cơ điện công trình

Phu Hai JSC is specialized in designing and constructing M&E systems for many projects

Business philosophy

The philosophy has been formed at Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC - M&E contractor since 2009 and it will go all the way through the M&E Company's development progress with the goal of becoming a leading M&E contractor that has prestigious services and expertise in Vietnam.


Phu Hai JSC - M&E contractor in Hanoi always put the prestige at top.  All commitments must be fulfilled.


At Phu Hai JSC - M&E contractor in Hanoi, quality will be the best answer for customers’ selection.


Every employee working at Phu Hai JSC always understands that works are only completed by the conscientiousness.


Each project performed by Phu Hai JSC will be completed on schedule as committed.

Công ty với mục tiêu trở thành nhà thầu cơ điện có dịch vụ và chuyên môn uy tín hàng đầu Việt Nam

The M&E Company’s goal is to be the leading M&E contractor with the highest prestigious services and expertise in Vietnam

Core values


Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC always tries its best to live up to our customers’ expectations and trust. We undertake to provide the best products, services and progress.


The process is based on the strict supervision, careful selection and quick delivery. We always try our best to improve our production, packaging and delivery processes to meet the increasing requirements of domestic and foreign partners.


We believe that the sustainable development must be associated with human resources. Therefore, the Company always facilitates personnel to improve their knowledge, soft skills and performance as well as maximize the creativity and capacity in working.


Products are the core in the process of cooperation and business development. Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC always focuses on finding and developing high-quality products according to customers’ needs in the most optimal manner.

Công ty luôn tạo điều kiện cho nhân viên phát huy năng lực trong công việc

The Company always facilitates employees to promote capacity in their works

Business sectors

Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC has years of experience in many different business sectors in the market as follows:

  • Consultancy and design.
  • Construction and maintenance.
  • Mechanical and electrical systems and products.

Project performance process

As a prestigious company in the field of M&E, Phu Hai JSC has researched, developed and applied a strict project performance process. The performance order is as follows:

  • Quality control.
  • Site monitoring.
  • Labor protection.
  • Materials and supplies.
  • Design approval plans.

Our capacity

To obtain great successes as today, Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC not only bases on its vision and strategy of the leadership, but also thanks to qualified personnel and strong financial capacity.

Personnel’s capacity

Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC - M&E Company in Vietnam has young, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative, professional and dedicated employees who are responsible at works, united and attached with each other to form a stable foundation for the strong development of the Company.

Nhà Thầu Cơ Điện Lạnh Phú Hải có đội ngũ nhân sự trẻ trung, chuyên môn cao

Phu Hai JSC has a team of young and highly-qualified personnel

Financial capacity

Up to now, Phu Hai JSC - M&E Company in Hanoi continuously develops in both scale and revenue. In addition, the Company constantly improves and applies new technologies in terms of construction, selection of customers, partners and especially not focuses on the achievement of sales growth rate. As a result, these have created a confidence for investors.

Labor safety

Phu Hai Electrical Mechanical JSC - M&E contractor always facilities and encourages all employees to improve their understanding and sense of responsibility in respect of environmental protection and labor safety when working as well as in their life. Each employee of the Company is responsible for making positive contributions during the working process, minimizing risks, accidents and factors affecting the environment.

Nhà Thầu Cơ Điện Lạnh Phú Hải - M&E contractor đặt an toàn lao động lên trên hết

Phu Hai JSC put the labor safety first

Health of employees

All employees are guaranteed to understand clearly responsibilities as well as the importance of HSE (Health - Safety - Environment). The most importance is that all top concerns in the Company's business operations are to assure the occupational safety and health for employees as well as environmental protection.

Partners and Customers

Phu Hai JSC - M&E contractor is proud to be cooperated with many large-scale domestic and foreign partners such as Japan, USA, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Austria. We have successfully completed many projects with high quality requirements, correct schedules and always ready to assist customers in consultancy, technical support, designs with a high expertise.

Nhà Thầu Cơ Điện Lạnh Phú Hải - M&E contractor đã hoàn thành nhiều dự án với yêu cầu chất lượng cao (Ảnh: Dự án nhà KTX Dom H&G đại học FPT)

Phu Hai JSC - M&E contractor has completed many projects with high quality requirements (Photo: Dom H&G Dormitory Project of FPT University)

“Good quality - Guaranteed Progress - Dedication to customers” are the great service experiences that customers will receive when cooperating with Phu Hai JSC - M&E contractor. We are very pleased to cooperate with customers in the coming time! Sincerely thanks!

“The “Customer-centered goal” with available strengths and dedication, we believe to provide the highest satisfaction”.

Installation M&E Projects

Vinhomes Times City Park Hill

Vinhomes Times City Park Hill

Le Jardin hotel
Le Jardin hotel
Toyoda Gosei factory
Toyoda Gosei factory
Osawa Vietnam factory
Osawa Vietnam factory
Tohoku Pioneer factory
Tohoku Pioneer factory
Nidec factory
Nidec factory
Olympia high school
Olympia high school