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NIPRO Pharma Co., Ltd. to invest in Vietnam Haiphong

31/07/2017    2791

Economic Zone Management Board has certified investment NIPRO Pharma Co., Ltd. Vietnam (Japanese capital) investment project execution drug production and medical devices in the VSIP Hai Phong, with the capital $ 250 million investment, the charter capital of $ 100 million.

This is FDI projects with investment capital is the second largest city investment certificates from the beginning of this year.
Project scale used by 150,000 m2 surface. The main products of the project after the plant went into operation in the infusion bag (capacity of 20 million bags / year), syringe (40 million tubes / year), injection vial (40 million bottles / year) , pills and patches ... the objective of the company is to produce high quality medicines, cheaper to export to the world.
The company expects the progress of construction plant and equipment installation from May 2012 to May 8. 12-2013. From May 2014 to May 9-2014 3. factory test and was put into production from May 4 2015.