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The economic efficiency of power saving

31/07/2017    2504

According to the state agency, although the energy savings over time initially effective, but for now just stop solution for the efficient management of savings is not high, reach 5-7%, while the potential energy savings are huge in many industries.

Multiple power-saving measures
In the opinion of many managers, the increase in electricity prices is a step in the right to perform electrical goods market, and this is an opportunity for businesses to enhance the power-saving technological innovation, reduce power consumption.
Head of Planning and control costs Than- Industry Group Minerals of Vietnam (TKV) Nguyen Van Bien said, with power consumption of about 15kWh / ton of coal, while electricity prices increased by 15.28%, the total coal price in 2011 of the Group increased by 100 billion.
In order to save energy consumption, TKV is currently applying solutions include renovating the control system of excavator EKG, investment management system automatically power monitoring, proper use of variables frequency.
The fact that energy-saving potential in the business of the Group is very large, reaching 60 billion / year, notably the potential to save an average power in the mines reached 10.8% at a cost save 31.5 billion / year, in the open pit 14.7% / year with a budget of 19.8 billion / year, the sorting unit of 10.5% at a cost savings of about 6 billion / year ...
At present the Group continued to promote applied many more solutions to save power at maximum level, Mr. Bien said.
Meanwhile, with characteristic energy consuming, the last few years, many steel mills have adopted the technology solutions synchronize to use energy efficiently.
For example, the solution saves iron plant of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company applications and achieve positive results.
At the workshop, the technical staff of the company regularly keep abreast of production activities, tight control of input materials for reasonable operation mode.
With inputs mainly iron, the plant uses electricity conversion solution, besides minimizing downtime activities and idling time, because every time you start damaging the oven energy consumption.
Some units of the textile and garments, leather shoes were also thoroughly apply the power-saving measures in the form of building design workshops take advantage of sun light, the operating details of life electrical appliances, equipment layout cooling or heating at the positions where necessary and large production ...
Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the energy saving potential of the manufacturing facility averaged 20%, but some of the construction industry, transportation, energy saving potential can reach 30-35%.
Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade Nguyen Dinh Hiep said that besides creating behavior using power saving daily business, business model is key to the determination of technological innovation.
Wide hallways enterprise technology innovation and equipment
Article 41 of the Law on Energy saving and efficiency specified supporting enterprise technology innovation investment.
In fact the last time did not have many businesses have access to capital to support technological innovation activities due to cumbersome procedures, as well as some guidelines no.
To use energy efficiency savings, he said Agreement, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is drafting a decree stipulating in detail and measures to implement the Law on Energy saving and efficiency. This would create a legal basis for the enterprise push actively implement innovative technology roadmap modern equipment, less energy consumption.
Besides, the draft stipulates administrative sanctions on energy saving and efficiency will soon be approved by the Ministry of the Government in the future.
Notably, the draft decree is a sanction for violation of the use of energy saving and efficiency can be up to 100 million. Also in some areas may be forced to terminate operation without removing media technologies obsolete, energy consuming.
According to the authorities, the penalty was made quite strict and tight, the draft decree by the Government for consideration and approval will be the basis for enterprises to ensure the implementation Highway technological innovation as well as their equipment more aware of the use of energy-saving efficiency.
By the calculations of experts, investments in energy saving four times cheaper than the investment for a new electricity generating capacity, and it is also one of the preferred choice by many countries around the world in the strategy of sustainable development alone.