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Install heat ventilating & Air Conditioning System (HVAC) High Quality

09/07/2017    2021

Install and design heat ventilation & air conditioning systems (HVAC) 
We provide services installation & design for Heat ventilating air conditioning system includes:
        1. Central air conditioning system used chilled water or cooling water.
        2. Central air conditioning system used gas (refrigerant) : VRV type or VRF type
        3. Local air conditioning system used Multi-conditioned, split air conditioner: Floor standing, ceiling suspended, ceiling cassetle, Ceiling conceal type, wall type.
        4. General ventilation system and local ventilation system.

Install air conditioning system used chilled water

Install air conditioning system used gas (refrigerant) : VRV type or VRF type

Install ventilation systems

Install air conditioner floor standing type